Daily Agharta Update Old School Shufflepuck

Today, I’d like to give an homage to Shufflepuck cafĂ©, released in 1989 by broderbund software. It’s obviously been the inspiration behind shufflepuck cantina (there are a lot of reference to the original game if you search) It was one of my favorite game when I was a young boy, I waited years to play ...

Daily Agharta Update Oh nonononono…

Today is furry birthday! ohnonononono! Furry is the first character we designed for Shufflepuck cantina, we wanted to make funny mascot that would be reminded outside of the game. And of course, for his voice, we took inspiration from the world famous “oh no cat”  

Daily Agharta Update Cheers Gael!

Here is some 1112 action for a change! Today I present you Gordon, one of the alcoholic character of 1112 episode 03 and the real buddy of mine who gave his alcoholic mug shot to us :) (Since we thought he looks a lot like Gordon freeman in Half life, we named his character Gordon.) ...

Daily Agharta Update Open Source & iOS

Everything 3D was made with Blender in shufflepuck cantina. Blender is an famous open source 3D software. Get blender for free here !  

Daily Agharta Update Ghor Tribal Fusionism

Concept and 3D model of Harobed ! (Shufflepuck cantina floor 01 character) On a side note, she was drawn and modeled after a close female friend of mine. And no we didn’t even thought of twi’lek when designed this one, it’s an incredible coincidence (or maybe our imagination is really exposed to our cultural backgound^^) ...

Daily Agharta Update Rogue Planet Cast

Today I’d like to show you the character rooster of one of our previous game : Rogue planet. I really liked making this game , I wish we had released it ourself instead of using gameloft as our editor! This game had (and still have) a huge potential I wish we had the time to ...

Daily Agharta Update Unused Characters

Old character design ! You can see here how we wanted to make robots in the first place. The small magician may come back in a future floor, and the tentacle guys will make a come back in upcoming floor 4  

Daily Agharta Update Looking up

Here are some roughs for the Athanor tower. The goal was to design an “infinite” tower in order to add as much floors as we needed in future upgrades  

Daily Agharta Update Old Menu’s Look

Today here our first shot at shufflepuck cantina main menu (Back when we we still thinking 2D) Note the drastic character rooster changes !  

Daily Agharta Update 2D Shufflepucking

Once upon a time, shufflepuck cantina was a 2D game! We were planning to use the technology behind 1112 to animate everything. Considering the sheer amount of animation needed we quickly decided to improve our in house 3D engine instead!