Agharta Daily Update “BupBup” concepts

Here is a rough of a new character called “Bupbup” he will dwelve on the upcoming 4th floor!. French people knowing the old tv show “Téléchat” should cower in fear!  

Daily Agharta Update 1112:Episode2 Trailer

Here is an old viral video we did before 1112 episode 02, we had a lot of fun making it. You can see yet another real life character inspiration (He is the guy from the gaz station at the end of EP02)  

Daily Agharta Update The Team!

Thanks to you, Shufflepuck Cantina reached one million download on sunday !! Here is the Agharta Studio team!  

Daily Agharta Update Shufflepuck Ad

This is the official Shufflepuck Cantina promo art. It appeared for a short time on the appstore (Not long enough) Since it can be seen anywhere else, I may as well share it with you guys!  

Daily Agharta Update RoguePlanet Sprites

Here are some ennemy sprites from rogue planet ! If we are going to remake the game of enhance it I think the first step would be to create everything 3D that way it will be easier to port it to other device and a lot easier than Drawing sprites!  

Daily Agharta Update Smuggler & Samurai

Here is the famous Ayato, one of the skilled shufflepuck player from the athanor! He currently reside at floor 2. Rumors said his daughter could be somewhere in the tower ! Ayato is of course inspired by good old Han solo to strengthen the “starwars” look and feel, his asian features however are borrowed from ...

Daily Agharta Update Now You Design!

We need your help with objects ! We are Gathering new ideas for hufflepuck in game items (puck, mallets and one-shot items) Don’t hesitate to post your ideas and we well add them in the game (if they are doable) along with your name in the credits! Ex : - Object : Transluscent mallet. - ...

Daily Agharta Update Sneaky Fish

Another Character from 1112 : FISH the sneaky thief from episode 03 is a shady guy very irritating for some because of his high class hiding skills We’d like to thanks Hideo Kojima For the inspiration sound and the famous exlamation point^^ In real life Fish is “Jean Edouard Fages” , a member of the ...

Daily Agharta Update “Shufflepuck Café”

I just want to let you know how gratified I was to download and play “Shufflepuck Cantina” this past weekend- some 25 years or so (?!) since we first created “Shufflepuck Café”. I’ve seen a few other attempts, but yours is the only one to really capture the feel and atmosphere (and humor) we were ...

Daily Agharta Update GET RICH

Daily Agharta update : Today I would really like to see you winning more credz in the game ! So I encourage you to invest into a Duranium card in the IAP shop of the game. (The UI is locateded in the lower right corner) All the Credz you’ll earn in game will be doubled ...