Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe

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Shufflepuck Cantina

1112:Episode 3

1112:Episode 2

1112:Episode 1

Rogue Planet

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  • Voyagerfreak

    What about 1112 episode 4? Please tell me your making one.

    • Gao Yord

      Yeah, been waitting for age :(
      this game is just amazing

  • ka

    yepp 1112/4 !!! pleaaaaase!!

  • abdel

    what about android versions of your games
    are you not interested?

  • Dilhun

    Looking forward to see the 1112 episode 4…The rest 3 was awesome …

  • Peter Zhang

    We’ve been waiting for 1112 episode 4 for YEARS!!!! WHERE IS IT!!!! And why 1112 don’t have chinese version since you have staff in China!!!!

    • yuriyuri

      Glad to meet another chinese here but calm down dude…stop abusing of exclamation marks pls..I think the English version is quite interesting because you can find some clues suggesting it translated from french and it’s funny to encounter so many french-style characters living in New Jersey.And a not-so-good chinese version may ruin the nuance.(They have staff in China?For real?Happy to hear that.)

      • Peter Zhang

        Yes he has talked to me on weibo. Yes even the english translation is crappy so Chinese may not be good too.

  • Dennis

    Will there be an HD version of the 1112 episodes for Mac?

  • Jet

    Really hope that 1112 Ep 4 is coming out soon! Hope they havent abandon the project completely. :(

  • Ely

    I’ve recently discovered the 3 episodes of 1112; I couldn’t get off my iPad for a while; they’re amazing… and now all I can see is that everyone is looking forward to episode 4 as I am. PLEASE when will it be out? Did you abandon the project? It would really be a pity if you have, because 1112 is a very interesting game; it is long, not so easy, very well drawn and not boring AT ALL. We all want it back; it’s been 3 years now…

  • Jaffer

    Hello there its been ages waiting for 1112 episode 4 and i have played episode 1,2,3 for 6 times….Please at least give us releasing month and year for episode 4