Oculus VR Jam 2013 – EpicDragon VR

EpicDragon VR puts the player on the back of a dragon, soaring the skies of a strange fantasy world. The overall design is inspired by the art of epic 70′s fantasy painters Roger Dean and Rodney Matthews.

The objective is to fly around collecting Eggs of Light to fight the Gods of Darkness and their oncoming eclipse devouring the sun. Pick the special Sacred Eggs to enter combo mode and rack up huge combos!

We designed the game around a very instinctive and calibrated head only control scheme, using head tracking for both looking around and flying the dragon. It feels surprisingly safe in terms of motion sickness as you don’t feel any disconnection between what your head does and what the gamepad makes you do.

We also chose to go for an arcade inspired gameplay with a short gameloop and a good learning curve so you’re encouraged to beat the highscores.

Development time: 3 weeks.
Development team: 1 designer, 1 developer, 3 artists.

The game is running on our own engine, already powering Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe.

VR Jam forum with more infos and download link: HERE!