Agharta Daily Update “Skargoh” concepts

Sorry i was away for a couple of weeks Today I present you the character sheet of Skargoth ! We used of course “Lexan Smythe-Worthington” (the drunk lizardman from shufflepuck café) as our main inspiration ^^ Unfortunatly we couldn’t use the “drunk” gameplay, it wasn’t really compatible with shufflepuck cantina core gameplay.

Agharta Daily Update Android Version

Guess what ? We just managed to have the game finally run on our Nexus 7 ! And it runs almost flawlessly! , now we have to make sure it’s compatible with the gazillions other android devices! If anyone have advices about how to successfully launch an android game, we are all hears !

Daily Agharta Update Shufflepuck Ad

This is the official Shufflepuck Cantina promo art. It appeared for a short time on the appstore (Not long enough) Since it can be seen anywhere else, I may as well share it with you guys!

Daily Agharta Update Smuggler & Samurai

Here is the famous Ayato, one of the skilled shufflepuck player from the athanor! He currently reside at floor 2. Rumors said his daughter could be somewhere in the tower ! Ayato is of course inspired by good old Han solo to strengthen the “starwars” look and feel, his asian features however are borrowed from ...

Daily Agharta Update Now You Design!

We need your help with objects ! We are Gathering new ideas for hufflepuck in game items (puck, mallets and one-shot items) Don’t hesitate to post your ideas and we well add them in the game (if they are doable) along with your name in the credits! Ex : - Object : Transluscent mallet. - ...

Daily Agharta Update “Shufflepuck Café”

I just want to let you know how gratified I was to download and play “Shufflepuck Cantina” this past weekend- some 25 years or so (?!) since we first created “Shufflepuck Café”. I’ve seen a few other attempts, but yours is the only one to really capture the feel and atmosphere (and humor) we were ...

Daily Agharta Update GET RICH

Daily Agharta update : Today I would really like to see you winning more credz in the game ! So I encourage you to invest into a Duranium card in the IAP shop of the game. (The UI is locateded in the lower right corner) All the Credz you’ll earn in game will be doubled ...

Daily Agharta Update Old School Shufflepuck

Today, I’d like to give an homage to Shufflepuck café, released in 1989 by broderbund software. It’s obviously been the inspiration behind shufflepuck cantina (there are a lot of reference to the original game if you search) It was one of my favorite game when I was a young boy, I waited years to play ...

Daily Agharta Update Oh nonononono…

Today is furry birthday! ohnonononono! Furry is the first character we designed for Shufflepuck cantina, we wanted to make funny mascot that would be reminded outside of the game. And of course, for his voice, we took inspiration from the world famous “oh no cat”

Daily Agharta Update Open Source & iOS

Everything 3D was made with Blender in shufflepuck cantina. Blender is an famous open source 3D software. Get blender for free here !