Agharta Daily Update Happy New Year

Back to work! We hope you had a great time with the family! Now back to Shufflepuck floors 4 and 5, the Android and Steam versions! And of course episode 4 Meanwhile here is another RL/Game comparison shot of 1112 episode 03. This is Lesly the drunkard, you can talk to her if you go ...

Daily Agharta Update Black Friday Sales

Today is Black friday! so of course there are sales even here Agharta studio! 1112 Episode 01 /HD $2.99 > FREE 1112 Episode 02 /HD $2.99 > $0,99 1112 Episode 03 /HD $ 2.99 > $1.99 Feel free to try them out and to spread the word ! Sales will be over on sunday.

Daily Agharta Update Sneaky Fish

Another Character from 1112 : FISH the sneaky thief from episode 03 is a shady guy very irritating for some because of his high class hiding skills We’d like to thanks Hideo Kojima For the inspiration sound and the famous exlamation point^^ In real life Fish is “Jean Edouard Fages” , a member of the ...

Daily Agharta Update Cheers Gael!

Here is some 1112 action for a change! Today I present you Gordon, one of the alcoholic character of 1112 episode 03 and the real buddy of mine who gave his alcoholic mug shot to us :) (Since we thought he looks a lot like Gordon freeman in Half life, we named his character Gordon.) ...

1112 episode 03 out NOW!

1112 episode 03 is now available worldwide!! iPhone  - APP STORE iPad – APP STORE Mac – MAC APP STORE

Official 1112 episode 03 trailer!

Here it is!